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Electrical Works (FREE QUOTE)

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Installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems, components, and devices are referred to as electrical works. These systems are essential for supplying electricity, lighting, and other electrical services in buildings, residences, and other structures.

Electrical Installations: The initial configuration of electrical systems in a building or structure. Installation of wiring, electrical panels, outlets, switches, and fixtures is included. To guarantee safe and effective operation, electricians meticulously plan the layout, routing, and positioning of electrical components.

Power Distribution: Electricians are in charge of designing and implementing the distribution of electrical power within a facility. This includes evaluating the required size and capacity of electrical panels, circuit breakers, and fuses to accommodate the electrical load. They install and connect wiring to distribute electricity from the primary electrical supply to various outlets and appliances.

Lighting Systems: Electricians design and install lighting systems to provide enough illumination in various regions. This covers the installation of light fixtures, switches, dimmers, and controllers. They may also advise on energy-efficient lighting choices, such as LED lights, to minimize power usage and improve sustainability.

Troubleshooting and repairs: Electricians diagnose and repair electrical faults and malfunctions. They employ specialized equipment and techniques to diagnose problems with circuits, switches, outlets, and other electrical components. Electricians are competent at troubleshooting and resolving issues in order to restore functionality and guarantee electrical systems operate safely.

It's important to note that electrical works should always be carried out by qualified professionals who adhere to local electrical codes and regulations to ensure the safety and reliability of the electrical systems.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  All utilities, electricity and water, that will be needed during the work should be provided by the Client .The advertised rate only covers the service fee. The cost of materials to be used, shall be shouldered by the client. The advertised rate is for a maximum of 5 hours only. Any extension shall be subject to additional billing.

Assessment fee: 500 pesos within Metro Manila 

*Prices are subject to changes depending on the actual assessment.


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