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Referral Program



  1. The HUSAI REFERRAL PROGRAM (“Program”) is open to all legal aged participants residing in the Philippines (“Participants”).
  2. The Program period is from August 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. HUSAP PH has the sole discretion to shorten or extend the Program period if circumstances warrant.
  3. HUSAI PH reserves the right to modify, change, or revise the rules and mechanics of the Program.
  4. Participants who use multiple HUSAI REFERRAL ACCOUNTS shall be Disqualified. HUSAI PH reserves the right to disqualify and Participant if there is any evidence of fraud or irregularities in his/her participation in the Program.
  5. HUSAI PH reserves the right to hold, suspend or block a Participant’s HUSAI REFERRAL ACCOUNT due to suspicious, fraudulent or illegal activity.
  6. HUSAI PH reserves the right to cancel, amend, or revoke this Program without notice in the event of fraudulent activity, cheating, a security breach or any anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation, an event or disturbance outside of HUSAI PH control such as acts of God, civil or military events, catastrophes, technical issues/connectivity, pandemic or war. Any changes to the Program will be announced accordingly.

  1. Definition of terms:

Referrer – a Participant that is an existing HUSAI PH REFERRAL PROGRAM member residing in the Philippines, shares his/her unique code to a Referral.

Referral – an Adult of legal age residing in the Philippines who otherwise wish to avail of the services advertised in the HUSAI PH booking platform.

  1. Referrer will be provided a unique code upon creation of a HUSAI REFERRAL PROGRAM account.
  2. Referrer can share his/her unique code to their Referral(s).
  3. With a valid unique code, the Referral will be given an automatic Php50 HUSAI Store discount that can only be used while booking in
  4. The Referral cannot use the unique code in combination with other promotions, special offers or vouchers.
  5. The Referrer will also be rewarded with a Php50 cash for every successful (After a service has been fulfilled by Husai or its Partners and has been paid by the referral) booking of a Referral using the Referrer’s unique code.
  6. The reward notification will be sent to the Referrer’s nominated email address and/or mobile number.  It is the responsibility of the Referrer to update his/her personal details in their HUSAI REFERRAL account to ensure timely receipt of the confirmation notice or message. HUSAI PH shall not be liable for any failure a Referrer or Referral to redeem or use any voucher and will not refund any voucher due to non-receipt by the Referrer of the confirmation notice or message, if sent to his/her registered email address or mobile number.
  7. The issuance of Php50 cash for Referrers may be subject to possible delays due to technical and system limitations. We will issue the necessary notice in and its official social media accounts if such is the case.

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